John Bolton has decade-long association with anti-Islam activist Pamela Geller

John Bolton, Donald Trump’s choice to be the next national security consultant, has a decade-long history of relating to anti-Islam activist Pamela Geller. The previous UN ambassador composed the foreword to Geller’s 2010 book that she co-authored with fellow anti-Islam activist Robert Spencer entitled “The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America.” Bolton also appeared two times on Geller’s web radio program “Atlas on the Air” and two times on her video blog site. Geller is widely known for her inflammatory public remarks about Muslims and Islam and has long marketed the conspiracy theory that Muslims are trying to enforce Sharia law in the US. She once ran an advertising campaign in New York City with taglines like, “It’s not Islamophobia, it’s Islamorealism” and “End all help to Islamic nations.”

Geller emerged in 2010 as a leading challenger of the mosque and recreation center that was then prepared for a website near Ground Zero in lower Manhattan. She also arranged a “Draw the Prophet” contest in Garland, Texas, in May 2015. The contest, which happened in the after-effects of the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris that year and which Geller argued was an occasion in defense of free speech, was interfered with by 2 shooters who assaulted it and were eventually shot dead. Geller has long been a booster of Bolton, going back to at least 2005 when she highly supported him as President George W. Bush’s choice to be the US ambassador to the United Nations. Geller decreased to address CNN’s concerns about her relationship with Bolton and rather requested corrections on previous CNN protection of her. The White House did not react to an ask for the remark. A representative for Bolton did not react to an ask for the remark.


Bolton would make his very first quick look on Geller’s video blog site in June 2006 while serving in the UN post, where he informed Geller he was aiming to keep UN bureaucrats from deciding for the American people. Bolton appeared on Geller’s “Atlas on the Air” Internet radio show in November 2007, promoting almost an hour to promote his book sometimes, though the interview developed into a comprehensive conversation on Bolton’s worldview. Bolton concurred with Geller that the United Nations was an anti-Semitic organization. Geller also pushed Bolton on his ideas on the supposed risk of “sneaking Sharia,” a conspiracy that she and other anti-Muslim activists hold that Muslims in America are stealthily attempting to carry out the spiritual law in the United States courts. Bolton responded to, “I do not see it as much as a hazard in the United States as it is Europe. Because I think in the United States, uh, we have made the melting pot into something that’s special on the planet. And the melting pot means you can originate from anywhere. You can originate from any background, any ethnic group, any geo geographical area, any faith, any culture. And you can become an American. You do not need to lose your heritage, but you need to go through a procedure of assimilation.”

Bolton then stated it was an issue in Europe, which European courts remained in a crisis because they do not know the best ways to handle Muslims who argue “Sharia must apply to Muslims and some other law must apply to everyone else.” After Geller pressed the topic even more, Bolton stated it was an issue in parts of the United States also. “I think there are issues that we’ve seen in parts of the United States. I do not mean to say it does not exist, but I think we deal with a qualitatively different scenario than the Europeans.” Bolton stated the question of Sharia law and increasing Muslim demographics would be one that they would be confronted with in the future. “I think the Europeans are more at risk than we are. But uh, but I, I acknowledge this is a, this is a question we’re going to need to deal with in the coming years too.” In June 2008, Bolton once again appeared on Geller’s web radio show, primarily to talk about previous election and the upcoming election and Bush administration actions. In 2009, Bolton did a 23-minute long take a seat look with Geller on her video blog site where he stated he disagreed with remarks by Mitt Romney, in reaction to a question by Geller, that jihadism is not part of Islam.

“I didn’t see the declarations but, as the stating goes from the Franklin Roosevelt period, someone stated, ‘not all Democrats are horse burglars, but all horse burglars are Democrats.’ Taking that forward, the terrorists today are Islamic fundamentalists, that’s where the risk lies, around the world, and the worst danger of all, is undoubtedly getting nuclear, chemical or biological weapons,” Bolton stated. “I think Romney in 2008 did suffer by contrast on nationwide security concerns, I think that’s why many Republicans supported John McCain or either Fred Thompson, so part of Romney’s problem moving forward, if in reality he runs once again, is to show that he can handle not only the domestic financial concerns, but diplomacy concerns too.” In his 2010 foreword to Geller’s book, Bolton composed, “This book continues the continuous and significantly extensive review of Barack Obama as our very first post-American president.” In the book, Geller and Spencer argued that America and Europe deal with “sneaking Sharia” which “Europe is dedicating sluggish cultural and market suicide.” The authors paint an image of Obama as reluctant to challenge the nation’s issues because he was “affected and indoctrinated by many who abhored America.”

Geller and Spencer’s review of Obama is carefully linked with their worry of Sharia law penetrating the United States. “His declarations about meeting the difficulty of the worldwide jihad, nevertheless, were a de facto kind of submission, an application of a soft Sharia: the peaceful and piecemeal execution of Islamic laws that rule over non-Muslims,” they composed.